Friday, 13 August 2010

Recommendation: YOU magazine

As a fashion journalism student (and a girl) I love reading magazines. My favourite glossy is Elle, as you can tell from my profile but I also enjoy the occasional secret peek at the hybrids...Closer, Heat and Reveal being among some of them but sshh don’t tell!

But my favourite one of all would shock a lot of my fellow course mates as it’s not a regular among our reading lists, or a regular among the fashion shelves for that matter, actually it doesn’t even cost a penny (unless you count the big mark up from buying the Daily Mail on a Sunday compared to every other day of the week!). Yes you’ve guessed it, I’m a self confessed YOU mag junkie.

(There's beauty...)

I adore this magazine and was shocked to find that some of my friends had never even heard of it! So in my first Recommendation post, I give you YOU.

Now don’t be put off by its link to the Daily Mail (which is another favourite of mine). Although there are some story links between paper and mag, the supplement is completely established enough to hold its own audience and win the title of ‘Best Supplement of the Year’ repeatedly. It houses everything your favourite magazine does (unless your fav mag is sporty, or photography/car orientated).

(...there's great feature articles...)

There is always a top A lister celeb on the front and a full double-page interview with them inside. The fashion pages are always crammed with the latest trends (albeit slightly pricey products but no more so than those featured in the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazzar or Marie Claire), and they have a little fashion gem there who goes by the name of Mimi Spencer. Her weekly fashion column is genius and an all anticipated read of mine.

(...there's fashion...)

I also love how they feature articles about real life people, issues and problems and not just on celebs, the ultimate body or fashion, fashion, fashion! The reason I like it so much is because the creators are the type of writer I aspire to be, and they write about the topics I dream to write about.

(...there's lifestyle...)

It may be deemed an older woman’s magazine by some, and they would be right. A twenty-year old student is not the intended reader of a wealthy, conservative woman’s magazine but all the same, I adore everything about it and I’m sure as fashion conscious, open-minded young women, you would too.

(...and food.)

PS. If you have a family member who regularly buys the Daily Mail, just ask them to save the supplement for you. Or simply read it online! There, you have an enjoyable read that didn’t cost a often does that happen!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I really like the way you right you for sure will be that feature columist : ) but for now i will just read your blog, as im a follower make sure you check back with mine as i update everyday!

  2. Thanks for yours as well :-) Ahh that's really nice of you thank you, I've just followed you too!

  3. I also love snuggling into ELLE those sweet scented glossy pages are heaven.


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