Monday, 23 August 2010

Essentials: My Vanity Case Full Of Gold!

For many it’s their phones, their laptop or possibly even coffee but for me, I would not and could not be without my vanity case and its contents.

I own a beautiful leather Bobbi Brown make-up case that provides a perfect home for my cosmetics and hair accessories. It is actually meant solely for make-up but I needed somewhere for my accumulation of hair accessories to live too so one owns upstairs, the other down...the perfect housemates!

In the top I have an abundance of large hair bands, you-know the elastic type ones? As well as alice bands, clips, curby grips (which I don’t go anywhere without! Fellow fringe-sporters you will understand why), and regular hair-bands.

Funnily enough, for the amount of hair-bands I own, you will scarcely ever see me wearing one. This is due to my unsightly, hugely unwanted widows peak...For those fortunate readers who don’t know what that is because you don’t come under the suffering minority of women who sport such a weird hair-line, it is where your forehead hair-line meets in the middle to form an owl-like point smack bang in the centre of your forehead instead of a graceful straight line...lovely!! Thus leaving me feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable with wearing my fringe off my face out in public. At home and around those I’m most comfortable with, my head is always decorated with a bright coloured head-band or sparkly curby grip to hold my fringe out the way but for the likes of yourselves, it’s fringe down all the way. Marilyn Monroe, Coleen Rooney and Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams share my pain.

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And on to the bottom (bigger – and more important!) section, my make-up. I won’t go through everything here but if you would like to know in more detail which products I use, please just leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to include a post on it.

My favourite daily items used are a No7 concealer, No7 mineral foundation, Bare Minerals bronzer, L’Oreal Volume Millions Lashes mascara and as you can see I’m a big fan of Lancome Juicy Tubes – they’ve discontinued my favourite one though (sob!). Why does that always happen? I’ve also got a lovely Bobbi Brown brush set in there too that gets a lot of use.

The only problem my vanity case poses is I can no longer fit anything else into it! That either means no more make-up buying for me or, kick out the accessories and move my eye make-up upstairs. I think the second option is far more reasonable don’t you?

Ps, Hope you all enjoyed The X Factor start, didn’t you just wanna put a sock in Geri’s mouth? Remember if you want to know more about my make-up products just let me know and your wish is my command!


  1. What an amazing make-up box. I am a total voyeur when it comes to other people's make-up collections and now I have total envy of the vanity box

  2. I am like that too! Thank you, I am a little bit in love with my Bobbi Brown case :) Thank you for commenting

  3. Your Bobbi Brown case is beautiful! I've been trying to find something like it. Is it still available, please?


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