Saturday, 21 August 2010

Updates: The X factor's Back And Here's What's In Store!

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Finally it’s back! The reason my Saturday night social life halts between August and Christmas, a great excuse to have a takeaway as they come hand-in-hand and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is a must in order to get the rights to the sofa. It is of course...The X Factor!

Some may say a tiresome reality TV show by now but I say it’s the best one out there. Whilst I find the auditions the most entertaining and long for the likes of Jedward, Same Difference and The Macdonald Brothers to get the boot, I love watching the contestants throughout their journey and revel in the cat-fights between the judges, not to mention the killer outfit wars between Cheryl and Danni. And our marmite favourite Simon, well let’s say I’m a lover not a hater and believe every word he says. Unlike some little Irishman who doesn’t seem to have a clue. I don’t actually know what he’s doing on there besides annoying the other judges, the audience and myself.

I know some series seem like an utter waste as the winner is a complete flop – Shayne Ward, Leon, Steve Brookstein, and little Joe McElderry to name a few – but they gave us Leona which is reason enough for me for the programme to continue. Unlike some reality shows this one is loved by Britain and holds the highest TV ratings for Saturday night television, so good riddance Big Brother and take your little brother and big mouth with you!!

Here’s what they have in store for us this series...

Pictures have been revealed today (funny timing huh?) of how Cheryl is affected by her undetected Malaria illness during the start of the auditions. Tonight’s show will reveal to millions of ITV viewers these very first images of Mrs Cole at Cardiff auditions, merely hours before she collapsed at a photoshoot

Guest judges are brought on to fill in for poorly Cheryl and pregnant Danni including Geri Halliwell (unsurprisingly she’s booed!), Natalie Imbruglia, Katy Perry and Pixie Lott – Cheryl returns next month to pick her finalists
Certain songs have been banned to prevent repetition such as Sex on Fire and Chasing Cars, and HALLELUJAH...the cliché sob stories are a no no too (apparently)!!
The usual judge cat-fights. In the ring we have Simon VS Louis, Simon VS Cheryl and Simon VS The change there then!

Gorgeous Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger guests during the boot camp stage and someone has a little crush on her...
A fix did you say? X factor?? Never! Watch to find out what happens when one girl-band causes a stir by telling other contestants that Mr Cowell has made a deal with their manager to say they’ll get through to the judge’s houses round!

And watch out for boy band F.Y.E as they’re sported to be the favourites!
Simon’s uninhibited ex Sinitta apparently has no involvement in this year’s’s about time!
Due his well-known jam packed schedule, it is rumoured Simon Cowell pays someone to mentor his acts on the hush as he’s too busy! Now that doesn’t seem fair does it?
Aren’t we lucky we now have ex Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq as the host of the spin off ITV2 series The Xtra Factor instead of lovely Holly...Yaaaay?....

And keep your eyes peeled for Mr Walsh’s fav singer Wagner, red-headed twins who receive the famous scowl from Cowell, and the expected bunch of oddballs and out-of-tune crazies whom without, I don’t think X Factor would quite manage its 13 million viewers a night

So I’ve got my Tescos curry in the fridge (that will have to do), my half-baked ice-cream in the freezer and a sofa with my name on it at 7.30pm, perfect!

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  1. I had no idea they banned certain songs! I think they should ban 'Don't Stop Believing' too, it'll be completely ruined after another series of X Factor! x

  2. Mmm you're right there. You kind of lose the love for certain songs after it's sang 50 times over by different crazy x factor contestants! We'll have to have saturday night x factor nights in the flat :-) xx


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