Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Recommendation: OPI Nail Varnish

I put my hands up. I admit it. I am a creature of habit. I always order the Pollo Carbonara at Prezzos, I always buy my jeans from River Island, and I always use OPI nail varnish.

Recently a couple of friends of mine bought nail varnishes in the nearly off-trend by now pistachio green and a hideous metallic colour from the make-up counters at Boots. The likes of Rimmel, Maybelline, and L’Oreal which I’m sure are good quality varnishes. But once you use OPI, you don’t go back.

I have been around this product for about 6 years now as my mum has a massive stock of them at home and, from my days working in a beauty salon where OPI was the only brand they used. For fellow fans of the products, they had a giant heavenly case of about 60 different colours for clients to choose from that would have left you feeling like a kid in a sweet shop. And it was my job to tidy and clean them!

Anyway you are spoilt for choice in terms of the colours they have available. There are also several different types of varnish such as Matte Finish, Suede Finish, and each season a new line of colours that fit the fashion palette for that season perfectly. For A/W 2010 we have the ‘Swiss’ collection. I love the ‘Glitzerland’ and ‘I’m Suzi and I’m a Chocoholic’ colours. They have the weirdest, wackiest, coolest names for each new colour as well. Imagine having the job of naming nail varnishes!!

(Image links sourced from Google Images - www.nailtechsupply.com)

As well as a creature of habit in brands, I am also a creature of habit when it comes to the colours. Here’s me emphasising the endless amount of shades available and I just usually stick to ‘Koala Bear-y’, for my toes anyway. It’s hot pink, it’s girly, it goes with anything and I love to have a bright colour on my feet so this is perfect! I’m not a lover of neutral shades or blacks at all...I’d rather have a French any day!

So application...If you combine your new £8.50 bottle of varnish with an OPI top-coat and base-coat, or OPI start-to-finish then, you’ll definitely be getting the most out of it. I use the start-to-finish first on a clean nail, then paint two coats of your chosen colour on leaving the first to dry for a minute or two, then use start-to-finish again over the top. This gives a lovely glossy finish to your nails and helps to seal and protect your varnish. And believe it or not, by carrying out this process my varnish lasts for about 4 weeks before it starts to chip or peel!!! Now you see why I don’t use any other brand!

(This is Koala Bear-y on my toes. This was applied almost 3 weeks ago now and I’ve been swimming 3 times with it on. It still holds its shine and hasn’t yet started to chip!)

Every varnish will eventually chip, including OPI but in my opinion, it lasts the longest and is well worth paying the extra few pounds compared to the price of a Rimmel varnish. However, deciding on a colour is always so difficult. If you want to give OPI a try but really can’t decide what shade to go for, their website has a great 'Try it on' gadget on their where you choose a colour and it shows you what it looks like on a hand. You can adjust the nail length and skin tone to make it look like your own and really get an idea of which colour suits you best. Plus you can save or email the colours to yourself so you don't forget them!

....you’re welcome!


  1. i always use opi french - it's the best!! also got a little mini set of 3 really bright summer colours for my toes in the Harrods sale!! :)

  2. me too lorn I couldn't be without it. I love how they have different shades of white for a french too. Bold brights are always the way to go for the toes! :-) Hope your homework isn't too hard and you're enjoying yourself xx

  3. Thankyou for your comment, that was lovely. Comments like that keep me blogging! I love OPI varnish too, it stays on foreverrr.
    Following xx


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