Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Fresh Start Take Two - the R U E philosophy!

Ok so no one likes failure, especially me. Trust me if I’m criticised or don’t succeed at something it makes me feel miserable. I openly accept constructive criticism and am all ears on how I can improve but when it’s just plain wrong, the sad face comes out, and stays there, and stays there...

That is how I have come to feel about my blog. Clearly my initial idea of writing a wide variety of topics and article shapes has backfired on moi so I am going to try a new approach. An article I recently read in ‘YOU’ mag encouraged an ‘If you don’t succeed, give up!’ attitude and that is what I am going to do. Not give up completely; because as well as hating failure, I am also very determined and unlikebly stubborn so I am going to persist with slow moving ‘Written and Posted’ and aim to make it a fast moving traffic magnet!

So after (another) unsuccessful bid to improve my blog with a questionnaire, the few that responded have opened my eyes to the fact that simply A) my posts are toooooo long, and B) there needs to be more fashion.

I 100% agree, my posts are too long so from now on I will save my ramblings on certain matters for my articles rather than on here. But although the majority of the most successful blogs in the blogosphere are fashion based, I am quite reluctant to follow the crowd. I really hoped that a fashion based blog could be avoided just because there are already so many amazing ones out there and I wouldn’t be able to compete with their quirky styles or NYC lifestyles. And for once, I wanted to be different.

So I think a compromise is in order. I have a new idea for my blog that will give it a better structure, more of a theme and hopefully a larger following. The R U E idea.

Recommendations. Updates. Essentials.

Each week I will bring you my top recommendations for just about anything from gift ideas, weekend getaways and the best buys. Teamed with regular updates, whether they be news from my life or the latest media frenzy, plus my can’t-live-without everyday essentials.

This will mean my blog is more tailored instead of my running riot with topics from here, there and everywhere, and still allows for me to cover a variety of topics from beauty products, fashion (I’ll try my best!), media alerts and foods, which will all sit very nicely under the fashion, beauty, lifestyle umbrella of the female blog-society.

So there you have it. All that’s left is for me to put my plan into action and keep my fingers crossed it works!

Let me know – what do you think of my blog-makeover idea? What type of things would you like me to write about under my new R U E blog-style??

PS. Once I have established a solid writing technique under R U E and determined whether or not reader’s like the new theme, I will open up a GIVEAWAY so keep checking for updates!

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  1. I have to say I'm loving the RUE idea - I'll certainly be keeping an eye on your blog for future posts that'll keep me occupied for a while!
    As a fellow Journo student :P I feel your pain when I realise I've written far too much on a blog post; I still upload it, but I do try to vary it a little, with photos so if someone can't be bothered reading it, they'll always have the "pretty pictures" to gaze at.

    I've just realised this is ridiculously long, and I'm now going to leave you in peace :)

    Jess xx


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