Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Calling all bloggers and followers - HELP!!

Ok so it is quite apparent from my lack of followers (thank you to those that do follow my blog hugs and xxxxxx’s) and dwindling amount of hits that isn’t that popular. This I would love to change and thought maybe you as my readers could share some of your thoughts with me and point me in the right direction – the pathway to a successful blog.

So what is it that people look for in a blog? The writing quality is a given and whether the general topic appeals to them but what about design features, aesthetics, ease of navigation, logo’s, pictures, and writing style? Do these matter?

I think if you have a specific genre that you base your blog on or a theme such as fashion, reviews, film or recipes then you are found through search engines more easily but for the likes of myself whose blog is fairly random in its points of interest or discussion, then you aren’t stumbled upon as frequently as say a fashion based blog. Also there are specific websites for fashion bloggers to join which allows them to be found easily by fashion conscious readers. But what is there for the likes of my blog which gives a mixture of opinions, life stories, reviews and current issue related posts?

Would giveaways help to encourage you to follow perhaps? If so, what would you like in the giveaway? And to all you computer/blog whizzes out there, do you have any tips for the best way to advertise a blog and receive more traffic?

A friend of mine has a fabulously successful blog called ‘Daisybutter’ and if mine could flourish half as much as hers I would be ecstatic!! So please, fellow readers and high achieving bloggers, let me in on your secret!

I don’t quite know where I am going wrong so feedback from those that do read and enjoy my blog would be amazing! Let me know what could be improved, what you like or dislike, and what would encourage you to read a blog. And please feel free to leave COMMENTS. It would really make my day to see more of your thoughts on my blog as well as a bigger following.

Either comment your thoughts and ideas on this post or fill in my quick questionnaire. Any contribution will be hugely appreciated and if this post proves successful in generating more traffic to ‘Written and Posted’ then a reward will be in store for a lucky follower (ideas for that would be appreciated too!)

Thank you very much x x

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