Friday, 2 December 2011

Hello December


It’s CHRISTTTTMAAAASS!! Well not quite but it’s now 24 days and counting. I haven’t felt at all festive this year which makes me sad. I think the enormous workload combined with not being at home is the main cause but also I have done most of my shopping online which is never quite as fun is it? I love a Christmas day out (preferably to Cambridge or Milton Keynes) getting everything all in one go – plus do the musts such as hot festive drinks in Starbucks, Christmas songs in the car and looking at the decorations I can’t afford in John Lewis.

However today I popped into town – nearly losing my arms to a heavy Asda shop – and saw the German Christmas market that always sets up in Southampton around the end of November, in full swing. The German pub was full to the brim (don’t you work people?), the sausages were-a-cooking and ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ was blaring. It was soo Christmassy and lovely and festive, which of course rubbed off on me. Finally!!

So I upped the anti on my mood, put on a red jumper (no reindeer embroidery I’m afraid, just bows), painted my nails Koala-berry red/pink with glitter and treated myself to a little gift – a Topshop double feathered gold ring. It only cost £1.50 in the sale so I don’t feel too guilty. Plus it’s pretty. And for that price, I couldn’t resist.


I also started my 1 out of 2 advent calendars yesterday (gonna have 18 days of chocolate to eat when I’m reunited with my second one at home!!), and we’ve decorated the flat with an iddy biddy Christmas tree. And I mean iddy biddy, it stands at 90cm tall!!

I’ve really struggled with my list this year too. My straightners are on their last legs so I’m getting some Cloud Nine’s but apart from that I couldn’t really think of anything. What have you asked for from Santa?


Ps, I’m going to see The Saturdays tonight in Bournemouth for the second time this year – soo excited!!


  1. Great blog post! It made my feel all christmassy :) Your nails look really pretty and of course christmassy! xx

  2. Thank you Emily, that's lovely to hear x x


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