Friday, 13 January 2012

And so I was bamboozled

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Yesterday evening I skipped (yes skipped because I was excited) on down to Debenhams in town in preparation for my free facial, make-over and gift with Benefit. Do you remember I'd been given a voucher with my Boi-ing purchase for this in November? It sounded like a fab freebie non? Perhaps too good to be true? Well you're right, it was pretty pants actually and was all for Benefit's benefit (!) opposed to mine...

I arrived ten minutes early and no-one was there. 'That's ok, I am early so I'll just wait'. At 5pm (time of my appointment) no one was there. Then just after 5, Chloe my therapist arrived and asked me to take a seat ~ I did wonder if Benefit actually offered facials as I'd never heard of them doing so, but when asked to sit in a chair rather than lay as you would on a couch, I knew that a 'facial' actually meant makeover ~

There I was, face full of make-up (new MAC products may I add!) which was gently removed - so much so that I'm sure just the transluscent powder came off! - with cleanser and toner which was deemed a 'facial'. I was asked what products I would like to try. 'Well I've already got pretty much what's on your counter so only really the new mascara', I thought.

So primer, foundation, powder, blusher, eyeshadow, and mascara were applied and they were all lovely products. But I went with the intention of being pampered, not as a guinea pig to be tried and tested on in order for me to part with money - naieve I know.

And so with a face full of two lots of make-up (the remnants of mine, and then newly applied Benefit bits), I left. Without a purchase. And without my bloody free gift!!

But my dilemma now is that i actually looove the Coralista blusher applied to me and the They're Real! mascara (so Benefit's evil plan worked) which are both really overpriced I think. I know they last a long time but the mascara is itsy-bitsy! Plus as a MAC-convert, do I really buy back into Benefit or stick with my new beloved brand?

What do you think? Coralista or Peachykeen? They're Real! or another mascara that I have yet to find?

Ps, points for where 'bamboozled' is from...


  1. id recommend looking o ebay for coralista, you can usually get their blushers for around £6/7, and the ones ive bought have all been grand :) i agree, benefit stuff is so overpriced! and i think you can get they're real on buyapowa for around £10!

  2. Wow. I would not be able to choose. I like them both. Guess it would just have to be which one looks better on you.'

  3. I wouldnt personally buy off Ebay but purely because there is no real tellings whether it is the real deal or not. Chances are, if its cheaper then it isnt real!

    I know it might not be the exact same but check out ELF's website cos their blushers are amazing (pretty sure they have some similar to coralista and peachykeen) :) xx

  4. I bought the Benefit They're Real mascara on my last trip to boots. As always I am drawn to the pretty girly counter. It's my own fault I know, I should have some restraint. I know every blogger and their dog have been raving about this mascara but in all honesty I think I've used it twice and went back to using the cheap Avon mascara I got when my Dior one ran out and I didn't get a chance to replace it! I'm not usually a fan of Avon but the Avon SuperShock Mascara in Black is brilliant and it's only £5!

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