Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I'm back, armed with MAC




(Left: Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in medium dark, Right: Pressed Blot Powder)

Guess where I am? Yep, back sitting in my usual place (the desk chair!) in my flat where I have embarked on my last EVER semester at uni! Scary is an understatement! So to sidetrack my mind from a panicked, frenzy of jobs, internships and applications overdrive, I thought I’d distract myself with a simple pastime that I take great pleasure in – beauty products.

As you know, I’ve wanted to break into the MAC buying business for a while now, and guess what? I’ve only gone and done it! Yes the lovely Cambridge shop now have 100 pounds of my birthday money in exchange for six beautiful products (plus a pump!) that I don’t know how I lived without.

Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 | Pressed Blot Powder in medium | Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in medium dark | Cream Colour Base in Hush | Eyeshadow in All that Glitters and Brown Down

These were my purchases and I love love love love them! Skin products were what I wanted mainly and after explaining that I like a matte finish due to an oily t-zone, I was made-over (?) with these beauties. I’m really impressed with all of them but especially love the foundation and highlighter. The mineralise skin finish works well as a bronzer giving a light glow opposed to an orange tango-effect too but I feel I need the tapered 138 brush to really enhance it.



(Left: All that Glitters, Right: Brown Down)


I didn’t intend to get eye make-up but how could I say no to the pretty shimmery-ness of All that Glitters?! And of course, it needed a darker accompaniment. But now I literally want every eyeshadow pot they have on their swanky display!! *sigh* If only I could do it the justice it deserves with my application. I am getting better but if you know of any great MAC eye make-up tutorials, please link me to them – would be very much appreciated. The girls in the shop make it look so darn easy!

I’m also looking into getting a MAC blusher and a mascara. Do you have any recommendations?


  1. great post hun and some lovely products, I am really wanting to try 'All That Glitters' and your post has given me the nudge to get it next time i go to mac x


  2. M.A.C is such an economical and quality product. I think you will be pleased with your purchases.


  3. once you go mac you never go back ;). definitely intend to make a few more mac purchases once im in full time work!

    i have a cream blusher and bronzer of mac which are good, and springsheen, a lovely pink blusher with gold tones! although it does seem to highlight my pores.. lavely! xx

  4. You have literally picked some of my all time favourites! Mineralise skin finish is my fave powder, studio fix fluid one of my fave foundations and hush is possibly my ALLTIME favourite product!

  5. Danielle - it is so pretty you won't be disappointed! x

    GB - I am soo pleased with them! They do seem expensive but I think definitely worthy of the prices x

    Victoria - you're right I will never go back! :) It was so nice to splurge on all the lovely things I got but I wouldn't be able to normally. The thought of having a disposable income to spend on MAC though makes me happy!! x

    MM - ahhh how funny! We must have a similar complexion :) x


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