Friday, 16 March 2012

MAC Brushes




Long time, no see!! I’ve been dying to share these beauties with you for a while now but I just haven’t got around to doing so...

Just after Christmas I decided to treat myself to some MAC make-up brushes to accompany my new, rather profesh products (if you’re gonna have high quality cosmetics, you’ve gotta have the brushes to compliment them, right?). I had my heart set on a foundation, contour, blush and eyeshadow brush which all-in-all, would have totalled over £100. I’m all for spending a little more for a better product but that was slightly excessive for four brushes I thought.

Then a lovely sales assistant told me about their limited edition Make it Perfect Mineralize Brush Kit (December 2011) which comes in two varieties of four mini brushes. This retailed at £39.50 (I think!) and included a 130, 187, 282 and a 286 as well as a cute little clear bag to keep them in. I did and still so want the full sized brushes but as a starter set, this couldn’t be better!

It was £40 well spent because these are bloomin amazing brushes! I get excited to use them of a morning/evening (does this make me sound mad?). They are so soft, durable and make for a beautifully smooth application. I have found that my most-used 130 foundation brush malts slightly but I guess that is an inevitable feature as it is a mix of natural and synthetic fibre bristles.

I’m still lusting after the 139 Tapered Face Brush and the 116 Blush well as their brush cleaner – do I wanna say ‘brush’ anymore!! I’m also seriously in need of the new Shop Collection Watch Me Shimmer lipstick, it’s beautiful!

What do you think of the psychedelic packaging for the SS12 collection? Bright huh...?!

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  1. so great brushes! I love Mac :)
    please visit me in free time:)


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