Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Brain Boggle


Do you ever feel as though blogging is constant? Not in a chore sense but that you have never finished and never can because there are always posts to be written, blogs to be found, comments to be made. It literally is an infinite, never ending hobby. This can make it all the more exciting for some and does not alter my passion for the concept at all but of late I have felt overwhelmed with to-do's and adding a task that can never quite be completed to my list just didn't seem possible.

I have lots of ideas that I'd like to try for my blog but A this involves a better camera which I have to wait a few short months for, and B my head is so consumed with other thoughts that thinking of what to post about was proving difficult (and as bloggers you'll know that you can't force a post, you have to be inspired or excited to share something).

So apologies for the tardiness, and for yet another nail post! I'm not sure if you like these or not?...let me know :)


As I mentioned in a previous post, I used the ELLE Grey Mavala varnish that came with my September issue of the magazine to create a polka dot effect. But I wanted to try it as a base colour with sparkles on top. Well voila! Something I can check off my list. I didn't want to go overboard with the glitter as I really liked the neutral monochrome of the grey - a colour that's right on trend in the nail varnish world I see!

This week I'm concentrating on my final major project for my third year uni assignment and it's not going very well, hence the head-confusion, tearing-out-my-hair frustration, mind-boggling-ness that's kept me from what I like to do best. Hopefully things will begin to 'click' soon - well I hope so as I'm off to a spa next week and would love to go with a clearer mind so I can truly relax.

Wish me luck! (My stomach flips with nerves just at the thought of the gigantic task ahead eeek :/)


  1. Definitely feel that too - but try my best to speak about everything I want to. Feel guilty when I don't though! lovely nail colour too xx

  2. Thank you!

    I know Harriet, it could actually be a full-time job there's so much to do. Gosh wouldn't that be amazing, to be paid to blog about what you like! :) x x

  3. Great shade!! Good luck with your Uni assignment :) x


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