Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pink Kisses...


I’ve developed a love for lipsticks of late and wanted to share my favourites. Lancome Juicies were always my first port of call when it came to lip colour (particularly Greseille which of course they’ve discontinued, sigh!) but when a L’Oreal Intense Color Riche landed in my goodie bag from working at Fabulous, I thought I’d give it a whirl!

Well I never, I have totally been missing out! I am quite lucky to have fairly deep coloured lips naturally so a little gloss was always enough for me but now I have experimented with bolder colours, I won’t be going back. Sorry Juicy tubes!


As well as L’Oreal’s Pink Passion (371) – a bright coral pink with a rich creamy finish – I’ve also recently picked up two Rimmel colours. Sweetheart Tulips (215) from the Moisture Renew range– a slightly glittered hot pink that has a firmer texture and is less creamy – was my first lipstick purchase and for £4.99 I was impressed! The colour is high in pigment, gives a sheer, almost glossy look and is perfect for brightening up an outfit. Although I love the colour, the texture wasn’t as pleasant on my lips as the creamy L’Oreal one so with that in mind (but still wanting a bold colour for a highstreet price) I bought Rimmel’s Firecracker (214) from the Lasting Finish Range. This is almost identical to 215 but a slightly lighter shade, however the texture and feel is much nicer. It’s creamier, smoother but still looks feminine.


I guess it’s clear that I like pink when it comes to lipsticks but I am looking to try a red shade. Do you have any recommendations? I’d also like to break away from the highstreet ranges (as good as they are) and try my hand at something more high end. Perhaps I’ll break my MAC virginity!! I would like a lipstick with a bit more staying power as my three pinks do need reapplying every couple of hours but aside from that, they are great buys.


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