Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Benefit of Debenhams


Another product related post – I do apologise!

It was my birthday yesterday (yay!) and I asked for mainly money or MAC vouchers as I feel it’s about time I lose my MAC virginity once and for all. However I won’t find out until this weekend whether I can make a trip to the store or not as all my cards and presents are at home...

The point of the story is I really want to revamp my whole skin make-up collection, but inconveniently FOUR days before I go home, see what money/vouchers I’ve been given, my Benefit Erase Paste concealer ran out! Completely gone. Not even a scraping. So I was posed with a dilemma. Do I pick up a cheap concealer to tide me over? Or re-purchase my little paste pot? Or go without? What I really wanted to do was wait until I could go and buy a new one from the place-I-want-to-try-skin-make-up-from (not saying the M_ _ word anymore!), but with a big birthday night out on Friday, I just couldn’t go without.

So I popped along to Debenhams in Southampton – about half 5 in the evening and no one else was on the counter, the poor girl was cleaning with a bored expression on her face - with the intention to just bite the bullet and re-buy my Benefit pot. Whilst there, I remembered they also offer another concealer (‘Boi-ing’) which is cheaper so thought I would give it a go. The sales consultant tested the product on me and it felt so much lighter with a lovely matte finish. At £16.50 (£2 cheaper than E Paste), I was sold!

With my purchase came two little, very welcome surprises. Firstly they informed me that with every purchase made on that day, they were booking people in for a free facial, makeover and gift to take home in the new year. Perfect after a stressful first semester! So in I booked for January 12th. And then, they decided to give me 10% off because of my student status!! Since when do Debenhams do discounts? Needless to say I left one very happy girl.

So far I’ve been really pleased with the product. I think it resembles foundation more than a concealer as it’s quite thick but ever so light. I have shade 2 which matches me well, but it doesn’t cover blemishes or dark circles as well as my Erase Paste did. So don’t worry M_ _, I will be along soon – birthday cards permitting. Fingers crossed they’re not all empty!

What MAC products do you swear by? And do you like product reviews/purchase posts? Let me know :)


  1. Happy belated! We all need a revamp. Love the smoothness of this product.

  2. oo happy belated birthday!! ive only ever really tried MAC's lipsticks and foundation/bases, but i would definitely say invest in a lippie their AMAZING :) xx

  3. Happy late birthday! I love Macs lipsticks and i really want to try their paint pots!

  4. I am also trying to lose my MAC virginity! I have one MAC lipstick in Viva Glams 'Gaga' which I'm not overly bothered about but I'm after a paintpot in bare study/painterly as I've heard great things! I after a blush and a mineralise skin finish also! I have given my sister a detailed christmas list this year :) including MAC Ladydanger lipstick, which is a beautiful red with an orange undertone! Happy shopping! :)

    Jade, xx

  5. Girlie Blogger - Thank you! It's lovely isn't it x

    Sophie - Thank you very much :) ooh yes I forgot about the lipsticks, they're slightly pricey but maybe I can treat myself. It is for my birthday after all :) x

    Zoe - Thanks hun. Gosh I'm gonna find it so hard not to buy everything!! haha x

    Jade - Oooh I'm glad I'm not the only late bloomer! :) Asking for bits for christmas is a great idea, was really struggling to think what to ask for this year so thank you for your lovely comment x

  6. i had bo-oing and really didnt like it- thought it was way too thick. I know what you mean about debenhams- i was a bit surprised when i bought something from them recently.
    they also had a 10% off all makeup online recently and obvs splurged on some mac stuff. mac lipsticks are my biiig obsession so if you want your first mac thing, id say get a lipstick

  7. Lea Dee - see I found that with Erase Paste, I thought that was way too thick! Although I think the Boi-ing thickness and texture works wonderfully :) I'll definitely be picking up a MAC lipstick, I've heard great things about them. Thanks for your comment x


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