Sunday, 6 November 2011

October catch up


My Sunday catch up posts have taken a serious deep in frequency of late so I decided to use the first weekend of November to revive them. November is a very special month after all...not only is it the month before Christmas(!) but my birthday falls right in the middle of it!! Yay for presents, balloons and total adoration (only joking).

So what have I been up to lately? Hmmm quite a lot so I’ll list it for you, otherwise we may be here a while:

♥ Third year is in full swing (who knew it meant working every minute of every day? Sigh)
♥ As you can see my blog has had a little makeover with a sparkly new header courtesy of Abby – Thank you!
♥ As of Monday my blog button will be hosted on lovely Louise’s beauty blog – she’s my absolute favourite blogger but has a lot to answer for as her videos/posts distract me A LOT from uni work :)
♥ I recently grew whiskers, ears and a tail for Halloween as you can see. My friend was a copy cat ;)
♥ I’m having a birthday night out in Essex in a couple of weeks and we’re going to Sugarhut! So excited as I’ve never been to Brentwood before
♥ I have a new blog on tumblr that is linked with an assignment of mine. If any of you are like me and on a countdown to the end of uni, you may want to have a looksie – we can share fears, worries and moments of sheer panic
♥ I’ve been Christmas shopping for myself (oops) that family can give to me which I’ll show you in another post with my new camera!!
♥ I’m making full use out of the more wintery weather with boots, scarves and coats. Although I’m hoping it gets colder soon as this doesn’t feel like November weather to me
♥ I have developed serious procrastination issues. Does anyone have a cure? In desperate need!
♥ And I’ve discovered a few new blogs lately that I love, one in particular is Laura’s – she is hilarious!

All in all my life seems very mundane of late so I don’t have much exciting news to share with you. Last night I went to my first firework display in Southampton (usually we just watch it from the flat as the view is bloody good) but I really fancied going to one this year. It was over the docks and so pretty. You’ve gotta love bonfire night food too haven’t you? Hot dogs, burgers, jacket potatoes…delicious!

Did you do anything for Guy Fawke’s night? Hope everyone stayed safe.


  1. I love your blog! Thanks so much for saying you enjoy mine it means a lot! Hope you have a lovely month on the even lovelier Lou's blog xxx

  2. You're welcome, I genuinely laugh out loud when I read your posts - I think 'how is this girl not a writer?!', I think you've got something :) thank you for leaving such a lovely comment x x


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