Thursday, 24 November 2011



Firstly I’d like to say hi to all my new followers! I was so happy to see 30 new faces on my dashboard (plus 30 blogs to ponder over).

As you know it was my birthday last week and my chosen night out destination was Essex. In true Essex style I bought some false lashes to wear that I thought I’d share with you. Now I’m, definitely a semi-permanent lashes girl and have never had much success with the DIY glue-ons, so with that in mind when I went to buy a pair of Eyelures, I noticed this new brand Kiss. Their lashes came with ‘easy place strings’ to help those of us who aren’t so blessed when it comes to perfect application. At a pound more than the Eyelures, I thought I’d give it a shot – anything to make the process easier!

Well not only did the strings hinder my application but they were a right pain to remove without pulling the whole set off! My night started horrendously as my lashes caused MAJOR stress!! I applied my eyeshadow first (is this wrong?) then attempted to glue the lashes, following the three golden rules. Did they stick? No. Did they get mountains of glue on them to no avail? Yes. My mum even tried but it was hopeless!

In the end I had to abandon them completely in the hope that I’d have time to try again once I was ready...which I did with a more positive outcome. I applied liquid liner beforehand and then held the glued lash in place for a few minutes which seemed to do the trick. They still detached in the corners throughout the night so I had to make a few trips to the ladies – it is so not an attractive look to sport when one falsy is hanging off!


Once they were on, they did look really good and the set were lovely. I think it’s just me. I’m poop at applying them and lose patience very easily. Plus I spend the whole night saying, “are my lashes still on?”. Nightmare! Was a fabulously fab night though. We bumped into Mick for any TOWIE fans out there, AND we were in the same taxi that took Mark Wright home a few weeks ago before his departure to the outback. Jel??


Do you have trouble applying false lashes? I just can’t get the hang of it!! Please tell me your secrets...

Ps, if you like the look of these, this Youtube lady seems to have the nack of it!


  1. horrific advice, but practice really does make perfect!

    also, i put mine on as soon as ive applied the glue, cant be hanging around for this 'tackiness' business!

  2. I think you did a pretty good job. The lashes are so full and beautiful. They look good on you.

    I think putting on false lashes needs practice. Don't worry. You'll get the hang on it.

  3. Victoria - Oh I always let it go tacky, only cos the box tells me to but maybe that's where I'm going wrong. I lose patience with them too quickly to keep practising. Maybe me a false lashes just aren't meant to be!

    Girlie blogger - Ahh thank you :)


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