Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mascara reviews


I’ve developed a bit of a thing for mascaras lately. We have a love-hate kinda relationship as I struggle to find ‘the one’. So rather than spending lots of money on one I’m not too sure if I’ll use more than once, I opted for a couple of cheaper brands just for now.


Also trying to buy a new mascara without guidance/previously read reviews, is like to trying to decide on which ice-cream to have when all of Baskin Ribbons delicious selection is in front of you – near on impossible! I went for a Collection 2000 number (never tried this brand before) called ‘Skyscraper’, opting for Extra Black. Needless to say I didn’t choose it for the packaging – the white looks a little tacky to me – but instead for the silicone brush which is in a curved shape with longer bristles on one side, shorter on the other. This actually works really well in that you can achieve lush curled lashes and also reach right in the inner corners with the snazzy wand. It’s also really good value at £ 4.99. The downside? It dries in that oh so clumpy way that means trying to reapply throughout the day just isn’t gonna happen. And when you remove it, it is very smeary making a bit of a mess.


I also bought the Rimmel Lash Accelerator in Extreme Black purely because of the grow-lash complex within an everyday mascara (whereas before I only had a grow-serum that you apply at night time). This comes with a traditional bristle brush albeit a neat small one which is great for application and is £8.99. It does well in lengthening my lashes but I don’t find it that ‘extreme’ in colour. Nor have I noticed a difference in my lash length but I have not been using this on a daily basis, one because it doesn’t achieve the look I want for daytime wear, and two I simply bought it for those days when you don’t go out and don’t wear make-up. It’s my indoor mascara if one of those even exists!

Ooh yes before I forget, just in case any of you were thinking, “but hey you just bought a gorgeous Dior mascara that you love?!”, tis true I did but after a month of using it the brush went all gloopy :( Every time I went to apply it the de-clumper squidged all the silicone bristles so they stuck to the wand making it a darn-sight harder to apply! I was so disappointed with it. Have any of you experienced the same problem at all?

I’m off to make my first ever home-made lasagne. On a roll with the freshly baked from scratch dinners at the mo! What are you doing this Sunday?

Ps, I’ve since bought ANOTHER mascara that I absolutely love! So look out for the review coming soon. Can you guess what brand it is?


  1. I never hear good reviews for Rimmel mascara. But I've tries Dior and I love it.

  2. Which Dior did you try? I was so disappointed with mine as it was an amazing mascara! x

  3. Ive tried this and it worked brilliantly for me! The only mascara that ive tried that tops the drugstore ones is benefits theyre real!

  4. Ooh maybe I'll have to try that one! :) I love Benefit x


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