Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled


My new pixie boots to see me through these Autumn days - Primark £15

Autumn has brought with it this week fallen leaves, scarves and boots with thick knit socks – my absolute favourite time of year. I find myself in the minority when it comes to the colder winter months as I prefer these sooo much more than the hot, sticky summer days, in which I am always met with this response: “Really??!! I hate winter!”

Well I bloody love it! Not the rain so much. Or the wind. Or the cold that has kindly been given to me this week. But crunchy leaves at your feet, chilly cheeks defrosting once in the warm, hot chocolates, watching the cold world go by when you’re indoors, snug as a bug in your pj’s and general a/w clothes blow the negatives out of the water big time.

On our way to the cinema last week (to see Footloose – fab film, go see it) we stepped outside and the chilly wind that caused us to all wear our winter coats for the first time this year made me squeee with glee as I just love that seasonal change. Also it’s a sure sign that my birthday is close and then Christmas! But don’t worry I’m not about to hark on about festivities yet, we are after all still in October – marginally.

Anyhoo, with it being 19 days and counting until my birthday, it means a snazzy new camera (which I’ve already got actually but feel I shouldn’t use until the 15th) is just around the corner...which means better pictures for you and more outfit photos! I’ve been bought a Panasonic Lumix FS14 – which tbh means diddly squat to me so do any of you know if this is a high quality image taker thingy majiggy?


In light of the colder weather (and with Guy Fawke’s approaching) I made myself some rather delish stuffed potato skins recently – onion, bacon and cheese for those of you who would like to know – and they were a-maa-zing! Very proud cook present.


I’ve also been sporting the Barry M Mushroom polish which seems to go fabulously with most of my outfits and is a very Autumnal in colour – perfect!

Are you too a winter lover sold at the mere mention of jim-jams, hot drinks and heated blankets?


  1. A great update hon. Hope you get that new camera. You are right, despite the rain, autumn has so much prettiness to offer. The crispy days can be quite beautiful. Hey, love the nails. I am looking to do something like that.


  2. Thanks for always leaving such lovely comments :) If only we could have Autumn without rain, wouldn't that be perfect? x

  3. I love love love Winter! Just something so lovely about it being cold outside but you being wrapped up warm inside with a hot chocolate and someone wonderful to keep you company :) Yum those potatoes look amazing! xxx


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