Friday, 14 October 2011

Little blue dress


What’s with the mini-heatwave October? Believe it or not I was able to wear my new capped sleeve skater dress in its full glory yesterday and not have to cover it up with a cardi or trusty barbour – the Topshop delight appreciated this muchly and deserves to be outed rather than hidden beneath my chunky knits.

I bought this dress in Milton Keynes a few weeks ago and love it! Topshop were actually doing twenty percent off for students at the time so I got it for £30.40 instead of £38 = happy, happy me!! I teamed it with this belt (the dress came with a slightly darker braided plait one), beige block tights and my tan wedges. The perfect Autumn outfit.

The whole weekend is supposed to be lovely here in the South but I will be basking in the sunshine through windows and on my lonesome as my four-day weekend is to be spent on my todd doing work work work. How thrilling!


My bestest bud created these curls for me with the Babyliss 2285U Curling Wand - it's totes amaze :)

Apart from those moments when I crave a procrastinating chat and find only text books to talk to (haven’t quite reached that point yet – the treats in the fridge seem to be suppressing it) I do rather enjoy my own company every now and then. Tonight for instance I have a phone date with my mum, yummy stuffed potatoes for dinner and a dose of DCI Banks to watch. The usual Saturday night X Factor viewing won’t be the same without the girls. Although I will be able to watch my bloody fantastic choice in films without subjecting my friends to them: High School Musical, Clueless and Raise Your Voice are all on my fancy-watching-list. Yep the only venture I’ll be making to the outside world is to the laundry room this weekend.


However next weekend it’s my turn to go home (hence the heavy work cramming now) and I’m super excited! Just to have a break from working will be nothing short of heaven – you know this whole uni shiz means you literally never get a break! Sometimes I think nine-to-fiver’s have it easy as a two-day break each week is unheard of come third year...

Do you have any plans for the sunny weather?

Think of me this weekend knee-deep in Roland Barthe’s theories, feature ideas (or lack of) and interview prep.


  1. This dress is perfect! You can do so much with it, and yet keep it so simple too|! x

  2. I love it! It's so versatile and suuper comfy :) x


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