Friday, 28 October 2011

Gold chain buckle


Every girl needs a pair of staple black pumps and these are mine. After sucking (well wearing) the life out of my beloved Primark lace pumps I had to come to terms with the fact they were a gonna. No longer pretty. No longer practical. And as my mother informed me, were verging on pike-ish. So it was time to renew them.

Being a shoe collection essential, and with every shop throughout the alphabet stocking a different style of the black ballerina, you'd think they'd be an easy purchase. Well you and I were wrong. It took me two months (yes two months!) to find a pair of pumps I loved that were interesting but still remained as simply a plain comfy shoe that can be worn with anything. The toe shapes out these days bemuse me. I didn't want them too rounded, definitely not pointed, nor did I want them patent, glittery, tassled or mary-jane strapped.

And so I opted for these. New Look, wide fit £19.99 with a lovely 20% student discount. Gosh I'll miss you NUS card next year.

Plain but not too plain, detailed but not too detailed (total contradiction but you know what I mean). Just a shame the damn things hurt so much!

Where have you found your perfect go-to pumps?



  1. My perfect go to shoes were from Primark, sadly they are no more! Worn them to death and desperately need a new pair.

    Love these shoes, shame they hurt, maybe they just need wearing in!

  2. That's the thing with Primark, you buy gorgeous bits at a great price but you know they've got an expiry date. And you're right, they did need wearing in as now they're not so bad :) x


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