Sunday, 9 October 2011



Apologies for being slack with the Sunday catch-up posts. You didn’t miss much as the last couple have been spent packing, unpacking, travelling and reading. So nothing of great interest to note. Gosh that puts me under pressure to impress with this one I guess...

This week consisted of a mammoth food shop with an unexpected price, a stolen trolley, a hellofalottareading, uni bud reunions, the start of third year, a new crush, a complete dim-wit moment, and a few new pretty purchases.


(The is the colour I was wearing last week. Topshop's appropriately named 'Moving House' polish)

I am now officially back in the newly painted walls of my flat in Southampton. Same views, same desk, same slow lift. But we have lovely new chocolate brown leather sofas (!) aaand I have a zillion-bagillion essays to write, books to read, features to plan blah blah blah. My problem? Inspiration has fluttered off to another realm leaving me drowning in a sea full of panick :(

On the plus side I have only two (yes TWO) full days of uni consequently leaving me with a four day weekend and an obviously well-needed break midweek. With assignments coming out of my ears though, I can assure you these will be used wisely.

After parting with copious amounts of moola the last few days (start of the semester is always the most expensive time!) I find myself in the company of a new pair of shoes – matte black wedges to dress up a winter outfit and complement my knitwear obsession – twenty-five dinners to keep me going until November (Asda did me proud on the offers front (£70 between two!!)) and two Topshop tops that give my plain top collection a bit of oomfph.


(H&M £19.99 with 20% student discount - purchased at the student lock-in shopping event...ooh I also was a meter away from TOWIE's Sam Faiers this week!)

I did also buy an academic calendar for the year to write all my uni-goings-on in for 50p. Bargain huh? Well, as well as the '10-11' clearly written on the front, I soon realised when trying to locate the 7th October on a Friday and finding that the diary is telling me it’s a Thursday, that in fact my bargain ended in July. Fabulous! You can imagine what a wolly I must have looked buying an out of date diary. Yep that’s me! (You can tell my brain hasn’t quite sunk into the uni frame of mind yet).

Here’s to hoping this week is more successful on the intelligence side of things Rebecca! How have your back-to-uni weeks been?

Ps, New crush: Ryan Gosling. B e a utiful. Crazy Stupid Love’s Jacob is my ideal man and I woke up the next day sad that it was a in fact a film and he does not exist (to my knowledge anyways).


  1. haha great blog post! I love the colour of the nail varnish, i really want this one and buttescotch from Topshop :) ohh i also love the wedges there are so pretty and will go with a lot :) xx

  2. p.s i offically love your blog! Newest follower :) xx

  3. Ahh bless you :) thank you. Oh I haven't seen the butterscotch one but that sounds fab too! Might have to look into that as I'd like to stock up on more of their varnishes.

  4. That is a great nail colour! I really love the Topshop colours (and packaging!!!)
    I also adore those boots!!

  5. love the colour of your nails & those boots are gorgeous!x

  6. Olivia - They packaging's so cute isn't it!

    Rebecca - Thank you :) can't wait to wear them!

  7. love that nail polish, its gorgeous! topshop nail varnish always looks lovely:)
    xo Elly @

  8. Thank you. It's my first try but I definitely agree :) x


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