Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nimue Skin Technology Purifier


Have you heard of the brand Nimue? I hadn’t until this summer when I visited my local salon for a much needed facial. At the time my skin was in really bad condition and had broken out in an acne-like spot frenzy! To help my red, bumpy complexion my lovely therapist Clare gave me a few samples, one being the Nimue Purifier among other Elemis products that I have also fallen for.


After applying the purifier in a thin layer over the affected spotty area of a night for two weeks, I noticed a definite change. My acne spots were clearing up and my skin regaining its smooth complexion once again (Obvs the facial helped too!)

I did a bit of research on the brand and they are a primary leader in skin technology, mainly found in leading skin care salons and are renowned for their expert understanding of skincare and effective treatments. And boy do they know their stuff!

So two weeks ago when my skin once again broke out and decided to form a dot-to-dot game on my face - and this was before I'd even started back at uni may I add - my only thought to combat it was “I need Nimue!” (not to be mistaken by Nemo people). Off to my salon I went as I was struggling to find an online store to purchase from.


The 50ml pot cost me £30.75 which is fairly steep but what can I say, I was desperate and didn’t know where else to turn! It instructs that for occasional breakouts: apply sparingly to clean, dry skin at night and on spots during the day, and for chronic breakouts (me!): apply sparingly to clean, dry skin night and day.

It comes with a little spatula and you literally need the smallest amount, it spreads a long way. It has quite a strong medicinal fragrance but doesn’t feel harsh on my skin in the slightest. It is light and absorbs quickly so you could easily wear it under make-up.


I've been using it day and night for two weeks now and it has made a real difference. I'm going to keep with it as I believe it really helps me and hopefully once this horrid batch of spots are combatted, using this will help keep them at bay.

My local salon offers Nimue Rejuvenation facials which I may invest in to discover more products from the range. If you suffer with acne or the occasional breakout however, I really truly recommend this.

I know what will be on my Christmas list this year! What spot treatments do you swear by?


  1. I too have chronic acne, which sucks! Frustrating since im now 24 and my teenage years have long passed me by.

    On my last breakout i got a Nimue deep clease facial, my first. Desperate to not to suffer at the hand of bad skin curse. i purchased the Nimue cleasing gel, conditioner and now 2.5 weeks down and my skin feels great, its softer and brighter. however there a a few spots that have come up. Megan my beatician warned me of it,apparently Nimue works to the deep layers of the skin purifying it. im hopeful that it will work my skin feels like it is going through the same process as when i was on Roaccutane (not as half as awful though)

    hopefully my acne problems will be solved for good this time:)

  2. I can totally relate, my skin goes through these phases and the breakouts are worse than my teenage years :( I haven't tried the cleansers but maybe I will if you think they work, I've been so impressed with Nimue so far. I hope it helps you and thanks for your comment :)

  3. Hi
    After reading these reviews I decided to give the Nimue range a try. I have problem skin since the age of 13 and am now 28. I've been using the problem skin range for 7 weeks now, and have been having weekly Nimue facials as prescribed by my beautician. I'm coming up to the 4th facial and my skin has been going through a really severe breakout. Is this normal? She does extractions every week which are really painful and leave a nasty scab for about 2 days afterward. Should I be concerned?

  4. Hi foxyangel, I'm no expert so I'm afraid I can't tell you whether the severe breakout is normal or not. It may be your skin adjusting to your new routine. Has using the skincare products helped your breakouts at all during the 7 weeks? As for the extractions, that does sound painful! I haven't known beauty therapists to actively encourage extracting spots as I thought this may make them worse by spreading the infection and result in possible scarring. However after researching Nimue facials, extraction does seem to be part of the process. Perhaps seek a second opinion from another beauty therapist if you are concerned. Does the extraction help after the scarring has gone down?

    Please know that I'm simply a consumer of Nimue skincare like you, and although I love beauty and write about it, these are based on my opinions and general knowledge - I don't have professional knowledge to advise you with. Although I'm happy to help if I can, and hope this does help! Let me know how you get on x

  5. I'v had severe to mild continious acne problem since my teenage yrs and I'm 29, i visited a Nimue outlet yesterday with my husband, the skin analysis shows that apart from the 1 million spots on my face, my skin is heavily infected and I'm currently on bodyshop tea tree acne range products, my husband out of frustration wants us to giv tea tree some time since I'm only 3 weeks into it , but I'm desperate for a fix and hv been seeing only great reviews for Nimue. I pray he okays dis soon so i can try Nimue as my faith is really on it! Wish me luck!

  6. For acne, don't waste your time with Nimue. I am 23 and still struggle with moderate to severe acne. Out of desperation I visited a reputable aesthetic salon which is linked to a medical skin care facility. The therapist there started me on the Nimue range and a course of treatments. I jumped in heart and soul - scheduled regular facials and then TCA mild peels and bought all the products she recommended as the course went on, including the super expensive optional treatments (Corrective Serum etc). 4 months and over $650 later, my skin is no better than when I started. At most my skin is softer than before, but the overall tone has not improved and my breakouts are as they were before. If you want a general skincare range to use, Nimue is ok, but don't bother with it if you want it to help with any problems you may have.

  7. I came across Nimue due to desperation. My skin is prone to major break outs and always just before my period. My break outs were so major they were most embarrassing for me. No amount of make could cover them and they were so painful. After many many years of struggling with my break outs, I finally when to see a therapist who suggested i try Nimue. At this stage like I said i was desperate, I purchased the the cleansing gel, toner, purifier, sun screen, active gel right then and there. Started making weekly appointments for facials etc. My therapist did explain that Nimue works in layers and that my skin will get worse before it gets better, but I put my faith in her and rest assured 6 years later my skin has never been so good. I still use Nimue. In fact I have the complete range including masks for problematic skin. I even managed to get my girlfriends onto this product. We are all fans of Nimue. However though we use this product I do believe what we're eating also plays a part. Plenty of water to help keep the skin hydrated. All those things help. If you're still having break outs, maybe you should try the "lite" range with the cleanser and toner. Just a thought. Or if you're using the active gel, maybe use it every other day for a few months. Some of the products could be over stimulating your face. I was also told that from the Nimue representative who gave me some added advice on how to get the best out of my products.

    I really can not say enough about it. Stick with it, it really does work. Nimue is a fantastic skin care range. Trust me I know!

  8. Waooow!!! Really very cool site of blogs. You can imagine what you have done for toner with vitamin c

  9. Nimue is really a miracle. I am in my third week with problematic skin care range ( cleansing gel, conditioner, correctice serum, purifier, sunscreen and age pro foundation) and it really worked. Even my dermatologist shocked by the results as she said I have never seen such a quick result with my patients so far. I would like to introduce you my daily skin care routine first. In the morning, first of all I wash my face with cleanser as its instructed on the bottle and then I apply conditioner with gauze peds and wait for 3 minutes. Then I apply aknilox acne cream (%4 percentage of eritromisin) only on my spots then I wait for 10 minutes for full absorption. After that, I apply corrective serum to my whole face and neck area and wait for 2 minutes. And at last I apply purifier just on my pimples. At night, the only thing changed is you should apply the purifier to your whole face. In addition to this skin care routine, I had a facial and after the facial they dried my acnes with a new laser technology. I wish I had found these products before I had these red marks and slight acne scars on my face from previous unsuccessful acne treatments. Of course even Nimue cannot prevent the acne scarring completely but at least it help them to fade away in two week utmost. Now, I have only one pimple on my face which is great and probably it d be gone in 3-4 days and then at the end of my first month I will have an another facial this time without laser. And after I complete my 5 weeks, I will add active gel to my treatment. Hopefully, active gel will help me with my light scars and pinkish marks and I will not need a chemical peeling or fractional laser to remove them. So try my system. I know it sounds a little frustrating but nothing can be exhausting as seeing red bumps on your face every morning when you look at the mirror. Keep calm and try Nimue :)


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