Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A string of hearts


I have a fair few products to review for you but today I wasn’t in the beauty post kinda mood. I’m actually in a ‘third-year’s-too-hard-I have-no-fab-ideas-and-I’d-like-to-go-home-to-bed-now-please’ sort of mood (and by home I mean Hertfordshire). Woke up with the blues today – probably helped by the sea of hideous blue carpet that swarms through my flat – and just wished that I could run away from all education-linked responsibility. You know, just have a bed day, watch Sleeping Beauty with treats and not feel guilty?

Anyways after a terrible day of phone-restoring (completely back to basics *sob*), a cut foot and a hefty two hour seminar on Barthes theories I want nothing more than to soak in a bubble bath and curl up in my ridiculously comfy bed. In ten days time that is. Yep my shower and hard mattress accompanied by street noise is as close as I’ll get to that for a while.

So the point of this post (aside from my rant, sorry!) is to cheer myself up so I paid a little visit to an old blogger friend of mine – weheartit - with the intention of finding beautiful images. Well what was staring at me on the homepage? A picture of the word ‘Happiness’. I think someone was trying to tell me something. Or not.

Sourced from weheartit.com

A triple pack of Maryland cookies and a date with...hmmm what's on on a Tuesday?? (FILL IN BLANK HERE)... is calling.

Ooh and the picture above?? This is the first wall decoration I have put up in my bedroom at home. I bought it in a small boutique in my old home-town (*glory*) for £5 which I thought was a bargain. I was contemplating painting it brown but I love the home-made/painted white effect combined with the brown string. Each heart also has a little peg on the back to clip photos on. Sweet huh?

Do you have any words of wisdom or funny stories to make me smile?


End note: Slight exaggeration may have been used in this post but was not harmed. And I’m not as a prolific whinger as this post may suggest. Honest...

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