Wednesday, 19 May 2010

And so the end of a much loved era.

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I’ve grown up with up with them and ironically shared most of the same experiences, and last night they said goodbye. Well in so many words...

You see I’m referring to two very dear friends of mine, with sharp, witty humours, eventful lives and a bond so deep that chemicals and ions would be jealous. Their names...Rory and Lorelai Gilmore of course!

Mum and I (the real-life version of the infamous G Girls) have been watching the seasons back to back every weekend I’ve been home and last night we reached that heart-wrenching final episode. Similarly when you read a great book you just don’t want it to end, I never wanted this series to finish. How cruel of Amy Sherman to cut us off from the Stars Hollow existence that makes every viewer wish they were a neighbour of that extraordinarily close-knit community. And she had so much more to tell!!

What happens with Rory and Logan? Does he really just walk away for good and forget the girl that threw him the best English themed party ever? Not to mention how in love with her he was, enough to propose!? And Luke and Lorelai, do they finally grow up and get married? Does Rory reach her dream of working for the New York Times through her Presidential campaign work?? All these years of dedicated viewing, purchasing each and every season, even going all the way to New York to pick up the next one in my collection that wasn’t available in the UK yet (well, I picked it up whilst on a girly shopping break but still) and this is how Sherman repays me, leaving me high and dry with a cliff-hanger finale.

In spite of the square-ish opposed to well rounded ending, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and felt every emotional rollercoaster (little pun there for those dedicated fans like myself!) feeling that mother and daughter, even the whole town felt!

You see this show has and always will be special to me (sob!). As much as I love One Tree Hill, Friends and it pains me to say it but Glee, The Gilmore Girls is my ultimate, all-time, absolute favourite programme in the whole wide world! So you can see I’m just a teensy bit in love with it.

Mum and I started watching it about 8 years ago when we had good old Nickelodeon. Every Sunday night at 6 we’d sit down and watch it together and immediately fell in love. I’m not some crazy, obsessive stalker fan of the girls or anything, just the show itself as it sums up my relationship with my mum to a T. Their amazing connection mirrors that of mine and mum’s. Single parent situation, best friends before mother and daughter, tell each other everything and even mum dating my teacher scenario too. Except Lorelai’s version didn’t quite follow through and mum’s did! So minus the fab diner with LOTS of free food, the friendly neighbour that is Luke, the rich grandparents and throw in an annoying brother, a cat instead of Paul Anka and a non-Korean best buddy, mum and I are the real living Gilmore Girls!

I know that in America they get all the fabulous tv series first, and now, ten years on from when it first aired, our English channels have been graced with the presence of the fast-talking, witty women BUT...I am convinced I was the first teenage girl in the UK to discover this wonderful show!! (I know that this is probably unlikely and many other homes too had Nickelodeon in 2002 but at the time none of my friends had ever heard of it. Actually none of my friends even now watch it! They honestly don’t know what they’re missing!) So I believe I am one of the very few Brits that truly appreciate the girls enough to own every season and will Stars Hollow and its inhabitants to be real because I love the show that much!

In two years time, when I too am up on that podium in cap and gown collecting my honorary degree (in journalism by the way-same as Rory!!) mum and I will yet again be doing a Rory and Lorelai. Again though, minus Yale and replace it with Southampton, minus the marriage proposal (I’d only be 22!?!) and minus the rollercoaster summer trip they had planned...Italy all the way 

But if you too want to know how all those previously mentioned questions end for the girls, well contact me in 3 years time and I’ll let you know how the real Gilmore’s did it.

PS. sorry for the over-use of ‘love’ in this post!

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