Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My name's Rebecca and I'm a 'Sex and the City' virgin.

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As a known lover of fashion and writing, you will not believe these next few words that I’m about to tap away...I have never watched Sex and the City!
Well that was until recently. You see I’ve seen the film and my best buddy and I have booked to see the sequel this Saturday (cannot wait—two and a half hours of gossiping, fashion and handsome fellas!) but I had never ever watched an episode of the oh so adored series.

Enter the BT Vision Box and lots of empty, jobless days.

What with all the marvellous technology of the 21st Century you’d think it’s about time some genius invented a device that has unlimited programs actually programmed into it so that at a click of a button, you can watch re-runs of Gavin and Stacey, yesterdays Eastenders or even the golden oldies like Fawlty Towers all til your heart’s content. Well they’ve only gone and done it! Probably with poor students like myself in mind who spend the first few weeks of the summer desperately job hunting and rewarding each phone call with an episode of something or another.
My chosen program...you guessed it Sex and the City. And boy have I been missing out. Aside from the explicit nature of some (actually many) scenes, I LOVE this show!

My favourite part is how Carrie writes, always finding something for her column within the day to day occurrences of both hers, and her friend’s lives. She always finds deeper meanings to subjects and explores them well. I must say I’m now a little tired of hearing “...and I have to wonder...?” The girl does ask a lot of questions! But she always answers them in a moral abiding way to round off each episode, very One Tree Hill-esque.

As well as a great new pass-time, I have now found a source for inspiration. Seriously fellow writers if you are ever met by the dreaded ‘writer’s block’, watch Sex and the City. The issues surrounding women, femininity and relationships always brings several flashing light-bulb ideas that I think would be great for my own writing. So Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, I thank you for that as nothing scares me more than a blank page and no ideas (well maybe spiders and daddy long legs).

Although I am well aware that Carrie Bradshaw is in fact fictional, I can’t help but idolise her. She has everything I want and more, including a few hundred pairs of gorgeously, flamboyant heels! Yes her fashion sense is a little too daring for my taste but I admire her confidence and how well she can pull it off too. I mean how many women can honestly raise their hand when asked ‘Who can pull off a bird feather skirt?’

But brushing aside her heightened sense/eye for fashion, I admire her career more than anything. Yes SJP herself has a much more dazzling career, and I’m sure bank balance than Bradshaw but it is Carrie’s vocation I envy the most. Beginning as a columnist is envious enough as you know from my blog profile, my current dream is to have my own successful column. But then she gets a book deal where she isn’t even required to sit and struggle with the hardship of writing a novel as it is just a compilation of each and every one of her columns. Not to mention Vogue!! Lucky moo!!

I know it is fictional and maybe because of that fact, no one is ever really that lucky to achieve what Miss. Bradshaw has, and have a killer wardrobe to match (literally!) but her great character makes you believe so, and helps future writers like me (fingers crossed!) have faith that one day we too will get our ‘Big’ break...cheesy I know but you have to have goals and aspirations and her career is mine!

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