Monday, 17 May 2010

I take thee...til death do us part...til next week??

Not living at home anymore means my subscription addiction suffers. Elle, Harpers, Tatler and even sometimes the forbidden (but adored) hybrids. Off they go to my homeland leaving me empty handed down in old Southy. I hear what you're saying...why don't you get them sent to uni? But I'd already subscribed before I moved and I would only end up lugging them home to fill my time in a world of glamour, accessories and fashion frivolities, so they're best kept at home.

The problem this poses, apart from the obvious lack of sufficient reading material, is that when I come to reading them, I have a pile taller than myself of glossies! Well maybe I exaggerated slightly there, but you get the jist...

It leaves me in a slight dilemma. Do you read them in date order, or perhaps whichever's on the top? Or by which images and story headlines grab your attention? The latter is usually the way I go.

Well, funnily enough my nan is the same. Not because she is parted from her weekly reads like myself but because her neighbour kindly donates all her magazines after having read them meaning my nan is met by a huge pile of paper once every week. Best, Woman's Weekly, Hello, OK and Woman's Own are more her cup of tea. Whilst eyeing through one this weekend she made a very valid point.

"In the first magazine I read it will show the beautiful wedding of a celebrity couple but by the time I've read the last one, they're divorcing!"

Which led me to think...she is SO right!!

Every year dedicated magazine followers like myself, are bombarded with over-the-top, celebrity wedding photographs that scream ‘Look at how much money we’ve got!’ Nobody forces me to buy the publications but there is something that draws me to that glossy cover.

Well I am no longer going to be part of that crowd after learning a valuable lesson that I wish to pass on to you. You see the truth is couples that are truly devoted to one another and who marry only for the love and commitment that they share, regardless of the fact that they are on everyone’s DVD shelf, wouldn’t openly invite millions of prying eyes to see their special day! It is purely a way to show off that no expenses are spared for their ultimate fairytale wedding. I mean, getting your husband-to-be to get hair extensions in order to look like prince charming isn’t really necessary is it Jordan?

But more fool them because the majority of celebs who showcase their wedding for all to see, eventually end up burning all those glossy photographs when a nasty divorce comes up and bites them. Take Jordan and Peter for example, Brad and Jen, Nick and Jessica, and most recently Cheryl and Ashley. The list goes on and on. So yes, as the buyers and most probably contributors to these lavish weddings, we lose out on 300 pennies and if you’re like me, feel some disappointment when yet another divorce statement is released. But that is nothing in comparison to the embarrassment that must be felt by those partakers who invited ‘Hello’ (and it’s millions of readers) to their wedding, and who ultimately declared to be with their spouse ‘until death do us part’, which then lasted a whopping 4 years or in some cases even a whole 55 hours! Yes Britney, I mean you.

So just think before you get sucked into the media frenzy behind the next big wedding of the year. I know it’s hard as a fellow mag obsessor but is all that drama, flash photography and OTT-ness worth the painstakingly embarrassing divorce that awaits these greedy celebs on the other side of the alter? I don’t think so, do you?

Undoubtedly it will be Simon Cowell who’s next to rent a church this year, or will it be a yacht, castle, even the moon?! However for him, I really hope he doesn't end up at the top of the celeb divorcee pile, because personally I love the guy!

PS. My promise of not being sucked into the celeb media frenzy anymore are words that I'll try my up most to keep but don't hold me to that! We all know gossiping was built into our bones!!

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