Saturday, 22 May 2010

Proof that heaven exists!

(Images taken myself from my own heavenly trip)

What is your idea of heaven?

Speaking in literal terms, is it a pearlesque vision of bright white gates and seriously handsome angels waiting to greet you?

Or metaphorically speaking, is it living in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre with an unlimited credit card amount? Or perhaps sipping wine and eating cheese all day in a French cafe like our good friend Monica?

Well I’m here to tell you that I’ve found it! Both in a literal and metaphorical sense. In fact I found it almost two years ago now and I’ve been harbouring this secret all to myself until now. I thought it was only fair to share it with you!

Now close your eyes...Imagine an island so small it just about houses a runway. As you set foot on-land you are immediately met by a hot yet somehow fresh heat that tells you, you are no longer in Kansas Dorothy. The view from your cliff-top residence is breathtaking. As far as you can see blue marine waters roll against the white, sandy coves, the scattered, off-shore islands and the craggy edges of the paradise’s frame. Greenery covers the dreamland so that your eye is either met by a vast, deep ocean or ongoing hills and valleys of trees. To bath in those enticingly blue waters is heavenly itself, feeling as though you are in a gigantic jacuzzi that is made just for you. With every blink that you take you melt into the island’s rapture and you forget that you’ve ever known anything different. Because this is the ultimate sanctuary.

You may think I have taken to writing for holiday brochures, aiming to sell a two-week all inclusive trip to a tired and bedraggled couple. But no, these aren’t unrealistically, pretentious words created to encourage a sale. What I am describing is from my very own experience and if you too are lucky enough to see this divine, much doubted but very real existence, you too will be convinced you’re in heaven.

Not only does the scenery take away all your cares and install faith that a place this beautiful can actually be, the way of life, the people, the food, the exploring all contribute to the magic that is Skiathos (AKA my heaven).

A week without media interference, a week basking in the sunshine and getting the best tan ever (no lie girls!), a week meeting the natives and sipping one of Harry’s infamous cocktails, a week taking the time to read a really great book and communicating face to face with friends and family opposed to through Facebook or texting, a week of grilled halloumi cheese, freshly made Greek meatballs, rice and potatoes and the most exquisite profiteroles you’ll ever taste made with real ice-cream that leave you wanting more, a week with huge, fresh peaches, eaten on a private beach or on a boat trip whilst dolphins swim by. A week that you wish could turn into forever.

Forget your desire for Louboutins, your want of a date with Channing Tatum (well try with that one, I completely understand your hardship!), forget the idea that heaven is a halfpipe...No I’m only joking with that one! Forget the idea that heaven is winning the lottery or even that heaven is non-existent! Because I have proof that it does exist and as much as it pains me to burst everyone’s bubble by saying, it doesn’t consist of golden gates, winged angels and Philadelphia cheese dip (yuck!), but of days lazing on a lounger, dipping in the sea and eating as much Feta cheese and Tzatziki dip as you wish (because in heaven calories are unheard of). Isn’t that much more appealing than bouncing on fluffy, white clouds and playing cupid with a bow and arrow? Well I think so.

And the best part is, you can visit there now! This heaven is open to anyone, anytime but I’d advise not between November and April as no-one will be there to greet you at those pearly gates that form Skiathos Airport exit. Another tip, visit Troulos the heaven of heaven! One more thing...enjoy, it’s truly amazing!

Ps. Honestly I don’t work for a travel company!

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