Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Important Giveaway Update!!!

As you all hopefully know I am hosting a giveaway that ends 1st September (I have extended it!). I have included some of my essential products previously mentioned in my blog but in cute little travel sizes so you can try them without buying the full-sized product.

However I haven't had any entries for the giveaway as of yet! (embarrassing!)Now I found this a little peculiar as it's completely free and there are some lovely things on offer (and when did the world not like free stuff?!) but I also took it to heart a little as perhaps my readers didn't like what was included.

Then I thought maybe I wasn't clear enough in the instructions I gave as I have had a few comments on my giveaway post but none that met the rules I had set out. So I have decided to set it out more clearly for you and hopefully I can start entering some names into the draw...

• This giveaway ends on 1st September
• You can enter regardless of the country you live in
• You must be a follower of this blog to enter
• You must become a fan of my facebook page by clicking the ‘like’ button
• You must leave a comment on this post or my previous giveaway post and tell me what you like reading most on my blog and why eg, ‘I enjoy reading the Recommendations posts most as I find your tips useful’, or simply even ‘your wardrobe addition posts’
• Please also leave your email address or if you have a blog, make sure your email address is visible on there so I have a means of contacting you if you win
• If I reach 100 followers before the closing date (1st Sep) I will add more products to the giveaway
• If you also spread the word about my blog or the giveaway via a social networking site (twitter, facebook, blogger etc) I will double your entry submission so you have twice as much chance of winning – a link is required in the comment to where you have spread the word
• I will select the winner from a random selection website so it is fair
• And if you win, it is also required that you write a post on your blog about WrittenandPosted and the giveaway you received

I hope that makes things clearer and I have explained myself better. Any questions about the giveaway please just leave me a comment or formspring me.

Hopefully I have a more interest in it this time and I see more entries! I would love for someone to win this prize, I did buy it with you all in mind after all!

Good Luck everyone!! xx


  1. Hi Rebecca, So sorry I didn't read your instructions properly! I'm following your blog, I'm a fan on Facebook and I will share with my friends @SuziHares. Recommendations are my favourite part of the blog because I love hearing opinions on products (other than the sales assistants) as it helps me decide if its worth trying a product or not.

  2. Hi Suzi, that's ok I just wanted to double check with you in case I didn't register your entry and you thought you had entered. Thank you for sharing and for your comment :) you are now entered! Good luck x


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