Monday, 11 October 2010

Updates: Inspiration where have you gone?

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I apologise for my failure to blog everyday lately (or to blog about anything interesting!) but I am really lacking in post inspiration and motivation. Hense me not sticking to my usual RUE routine. If you have any suggestions at all as to what you would like to see/read on here, I would be very grateful and take them all on board.

So...what have I been up to lately?

Uni is now in full swing so assignments are beckoning as well as other exciting writing commitments that I have (maybe I’m not leaving enough time/brain power for blogging?). Time management is key at the moment which I have no problem with, procrastination on the other hand is a very good friend of mine!

As you all know I write for an online magazine called My Retail Heaven and they have asked me to do an online video review diary starting this week. I received some lovely skincare products from them over the weekend and am using this week to test them and see what I think before I conduct my first video review. Nervous much?! I hate watching/hearing myself on anything that involves a camera! But I will attach the link here when it’s available if anyone is interested.

(Mm mmm mmmm)

Yesterday me and the girls went to see ‘Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud’ and boy did that make my day! Zac Efron’s brooding, hurt and searching character complete wooed me and now I am actually devoted! He is so unbelievably good looking and I’m glad to have seen him in a different (less cheesy) light from his HSM days. Vanessa Hudgens you are one lucky girl!!

Also a bit of gossip from Southampton city, the Queen is here with us today! She has travelled from her palace to honour the naming ceremony of the newest cruise liner to hit the seas, Queen Elizabeth II. We can actually see the new 92,000 tonne ship from our flat!! And I saw the Queen’s car go past closely followed by police motorbikes. AND my friend actually saw the Queen herself in her royal blue outfit!! Exciting!! It’s not everyday you see the Queen driving past is it??


  1. Yes, Zac Efron is totally good-looking!

  2. Ooo I really wanna see the new Zac Efron film, it looks good plus... hotness. :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  3. So have you tried those skin products? For some reasons I'm really into girls trying out different kind of skincare products! I've been using the same brand for like almost my entire life due to my sensitive skin. So pardon me! LOL Awhhhh I wish I ever meet / see the Queen, she is such an adorable elder! I love the Queen!

    Ps. I'll probably try the software this weekend. Will let you know, love.

    Have a super lovely one, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  4. The girlie blog - omg he's actually gorgeous, I didn't realise how much until I saw this film. Massive difference from his HSM days!!

    Half dressed - It is really good I recommend it, even just for the immense amount of hotness :)

    Sanny - I've been using them for a week and did my first video review today so hopefully I can post that on here by friday for you to see. Oh excellent, hope you like it and find it useful. Keep me posted x

  5. Stefani - Omg he's gorgeous!


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