Monday, 4 October 2010

Student Bloggers Alliance Lucky 13 Challenge!

As a member of the Student Bloggers Alliance I have been asked to complete the ‘Lucky Thirteen Challenge’ where I tell you all 13 interesting facts about myself. You might already know some of them or you might learn something new!

1. After uni I would love to do a masters because the field I want to go into is so competitive and I think this will help towards getting that job at ELLE!
2. I have a cat called Molly who is the snootiest feline you could ever meet! And she hates going outside. I have the scratches to prove it!
3. I may never steep foot in the house I have lived in at home for the past 8 years as we are in the process of moving, so when I go ‘home’ I may be in a new house!
4. I worked in Next for a year during my gap year on Childrenswear and met some of the loveliest people there. It’s typical that now I don’t have my 25% discount, their clothes get better!
5. I went to New York for my sixteenth birthday with my mum and it was the most amazing place ever! There and Skiathos are my favourite destinations for very different reasons.
6. I am really keen to study in New York for a year or to carry out an internship for a summer there. How fabulous would that be??
7. I am a definite chocolate person and don’t like sweeties. My favourite chocolate bar is the Dairy Milk Crunchie with lots of little honeycomb nuggets in it. Mmmm delicious!
8. I kind of stumbles across fashion journalism as a career. I was thinking of what I’d like to study at university and my mum said, “well you love to write and you love fashion, surely couldn’t you combine the two!” And that was how my dream career came about.
9. If I hadn’t have chosen writing I think I would have liked to have been a councillor, perhaps in marriage and relationships. I’m still considering that as a possible avenue to go down but as a writer giving advice.
10. My favourite restaurant is Prezzo and every time I go there I have the same dish! Pollo Carbonara which is spaghetti carbonara with bacon and chicken which is put in an al forno oven with melted cheese on the top. It’s heaven and I can’t resist having it every time I go there! Boring I know!
11. My mum used to be a beauty therapist so whenever I need my nails painted, waxing done or a facial to sort out my skin, I can have it done for free at home!!
12. I’d love to lie in Ireland one day.
13. I’m turning twenty-one next month!! I’m excited but at the same time scared as time is flying by and before I know it I’ll be in the real world!! EEK!

And there you have my 13 facts. Click on the link above to join the Student Bloggers Alliance and reveal your interesting details!

Ps, Today I've posted 62 blog posts and I have 62 followers!! :)


  1. nice! 62 for 62!

    I feel the same way about NYC as you. The first time I set foot there, I fell in love. Good luck on finding an internship there. I'm sure you will make your dreams come true.

  2. I know funny huh? :) Me too!! It was A-mazing! Thank you very much, and to you x


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