Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Updates: My Flat/Bedroom is Complete!!

All that's left to do is to put some fairy lights and posters up in the living room! What do you think?

Ps, Emma Howard and bella165 - you both commented on my giveaway post which I appreciate (thankyou!) but I'm not too sure if your comments were entries for the giveaway or not. If they were please could you let me know and state what you like reading most on my blog, plus leave a means of contact so I can let you know if you win? It's getting a bit confusing as to who has actually entered and who has just commented, and I don't want you to miss out due to my confusion! Thank you for both sharing the giveaway on your facebooks/twitters :D


  1. lovely pics. It looks amazing.xx

  2. What an adorable space you have! (: You have such a good taste, from the chosen colors to the entire interior, and the view is AMAZING! I wish to have my own flat soon!

    Have a wonderful one (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  3. cute bedroom! :)


  4. I have the same cupcake over gloves as you! Aren't they the cutest? That's a lovely flat you have too :)

  5. Sanny - Thanks very much, I tried to add a few individual personal touches to my room which I'm really pleased with. You're right the view is amazing! :) Hopefully you have one soon x

    Jenny - Thank you, my favourite bit is the bunting :)

    Cat - Ahh excellent! Matalan!! :) Tescos have even nicer ones at the mo. Thank you x

  6. The view from your living room/kitchen is amazing! So light as well. And your room is pretty big as well. Is it student accommodation?

  7. SO cute! & I love the view. :]

  8. Sequin This - Thank you, we fell in love with it when we viewed it, it makes it look so much more spacious than it is! Yes it's private accommodation :)

    Jamie - Thank you!


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