Friday, 1 October 2010

Updates: Drizzle Clash Clash

My new rain coat came on a much needed outing today. Why? Well because it’s raining here in Southampton. Actually, that’s an understatement! It is absolutely positively chucking it down out there and it has been since about 5am this morning when the combination of howling wind and heavy rain kindly woke me up!

So to have a 12 til 3 computer session at uni today was so lovely (although I did enjoy getting to grips with the new InDesign!).

The weather should not cause you to throw out your taste, clever colour combinations and eye for fashion but the sheer scale of water falling from the sky led me to adorn the splatter pattern rain coat, my leopard print wellies and a polka dot umbrella today! Fashion faux par I know!! But these three items were essential, albeit blindingly clashing.

I have a ‘wardrobe additions’ post lined up for you soon and of course the interiors of our flat and my bedroom! However the first week back at uni has thrown me off course with my blogging and writing commitments due to the amount of assignments and the huge pile of books I now have cluttering up my desk!

I am now off until Tuesday though and by then will hopefully feel much more stress-free after having accomplished my looong list of to-do’s. There’s just two of us girlies left in the flat this weekend so a movie night and erm...jacket potatoes and salad are in order tonight (not quite a chinese takeaway is it?!?).

That is if we don’t wash away on our dinner trip to the shop!


  1. My new parka had to come out in force as well yesterday! Wasn't the rain just ridiculous? It never stopped all day! Love your wellies, they are so cute :) Enjoy your weekend. :)

    L x
    Half Dressed
    P.S You're from Southampton? I'm from Bournemouth :)

  2. I know I was dreading walking to uni in it!! It was soo windy too! Ahh thank you, they're from Tescos :) Yeah I'm at uni in Southampton! Oh wow we're really close! haha x


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