Saturday, 16 October 2010

Update: My first video review!

As I mentioned previously I was sent some products from MyRetailHeaven to review for their youtube channel. It was uploaded (here)today but edited quite a bit and joined with the other two girls who were sent the same products.

But I have the full version for you with just me! As cringey as it is I thought you product-lovers out there might appreciate hearing about these new beauties.

Products included are:

-Natural Origin Aloe Face Cleanser
-Natural Origin Orange and Rose Toner
-Natural Origin Face Moisturiser
-Natural Origin Rosehip and Primrose Evening Night Serum

So hear you have it, my very first attempt at videoing myself - I sound so prissy and girly, I really hope I don't sound like that!!


  1. I can't watch the video now because it's really late and I really want to go to sleep, but I promise I'll see it tomorrow and I'll tell you what I think about it :)


  2. Thank you! I hope you like it :) x

  3. AWHHHH... I totally LOVE your accent! Was it your first review? You nailed it! I love your voice and I think you did an awesome job! For some reason, I'm always excited seeing other bloggers' video (like seeing you in motion).

    Have a marvelous one, darl! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  4. Love this post Rebecca.I've never heard of the brand either, do you know where you can buy it? Would love to give the moisturiser a go! xx

  5. Sanny - haha thankyou! Yes this is my first ever review/video :)

    Char - Ahh thank you :) they do have a website but I can't see it on there yet. I'll ask the company that sent me them and let you know xx

  6. Love the video and your accent!:)

  7. Thank you Stefani, I'm glad people seem to like it :)

  8. Thanks so so much for this review! It is nice to watch people talking about their products.

  9. You sound lovely, not prissy at all.
    Good review, i like it!

  10. Catanya - thank you for your lovely comment, keep an eye out for more video reviews to come :)

    Alice - Ahh thank you that's very sweet :)


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